Meet Our Team Of Local Home Buyers

Daniel – Chief Problem Solver

Daniel oversees the day-to-day operations and tackles anything that needs to be done. He is likely the person that you’ll be talking to when you call in. He is always available to help and find the best possible solution for you. Daniel was born and raised on Oahu and loves anything Star Wars.

Christina – Design

Christina is in charge of all things design and making sure things look great after we are done. Her attention to detail is unquestioned but she is always willing to get her hands dirty, whether it’s cabinets, flooring, or assembling beds & desks. Christina enjoys shopping at Target and buying furniture.

Joshua – Operations Manager

Josh is in charge of the day-to-day operations. He is the one behind the scenes making sure things are running smoothly. From funding projects to working with Agents, Josh is always on top of it. He also owns his own clothing line, and is a highly requested local vendor at Made in Hawaii!

Amanda – Office Manager

When there are multiple projects going on and Daniel is involved, there is a lot of chaos being created. Amanda is the calming presence and steady hand that helps to bring order to the team. She is the one that makes sure things happen correctly and on time. Fun Fact – She lived in Japan for over 10 years!

Rose – Senior Project Manager

Rose is the one overseeing the many projects we have going on. She is the one scheduling contractors, ordering materials, and dealing with permits needed to get the work completed. She is also a whiz at Travel Hacking, so if you need tips there, she can help you out!

As Seen On KHON2 News

We Buy Houses Hawaii featured on KHON2 News talking about ways to help local homeowners:

we buy houses hawaii khon2 news

Meet the Interns

At We Buy Houses Hawaii, we believe in investing in the next generation. Our internship program is one of the ways we get to do that. Students get to learn, work, earn, and are big contributors to our team!

Andras – Agent Relations

Andras has been an absolute whiz in the short time he has been with us. He helps underwrite properties and communicates with the many real estate agents we work with. One of the things on his bucket list is to backpack through Europe!

Justin – Junior Project Manager

Justin helps to coordinate and oversee the different projects we have going on. He helps with delivering materials, keeping timelines, and solving problems as they come up. He is also a UH student and a talented surfer!

Jordan – Media Specialist

Jordan is in charge of our social media, marketing, and online presence! He helps to come up with creative ideas, and capture the many moments of madness that come with tackling difficult projects. Jordan is also an avid surfer and UH student.

More About Our Company

  • We Are Local. We are not some big firm from the mainland. We live here and care about our island home.
  • Our Experience and Network. Our team and local connections can solve any Real Estate problem you can think of.
  • People Over Profits. We enjoy helping people and always want to do the right thing.
About our Company

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